Wall cornice bar with LED light


The cornice’s bar with LED light is made of hard PVC, used as a modern floor covering tool by installing it in the corners (intersection of wall and floor). It creates a different environment in the interior design by providing hidden lighting from corners. LED branches or SMD lights can be placed in the groove embedded in this cornice. As well as allowing light to pass through it, the veneer’s cellophane also covers the LEDs. OBP company produces and supplies this product in custom color schemes and lengths.

Explanation in more detail

There are two types of cellophane manufactured for this product, opaque and luminous opaque. The luminous model continues to light after the light source is switched off (when there is a power outage or if there is an emergency situation that may require evacuating people from an area, this feature is essential).

LEDs appropriate for use in this product operate at 12 volts.

Technical specifications


Technical specifications

Apparent specifications

Base’s material



5-meter bracnh

Custom length

Cellophane material

Transparent or opaque polymer

Width (Height)

10 cm







Thickness (protruding the wall(

15 mm



Cellophane width

25 mm

Explanation: The respected customer usually selects LEDs


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some colors

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